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regional energy demand insights

"Good data is an essential component of
effective policy making on energy efficiency."
International Energy Agency

Greening supply begins with understanding demand...

Spatial Outlook Ltd is an Irish-based company which helps decision-makers involved in the complex process of decarbonising of the building and transport sectors. By providing actionable insights into regional energy demand, plan and policy-makers can better understand the characteristics, distributions and patterns of energy consumption, and thus the opportunities for local-level decarbonisation.


REDAP: Digital Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis

Spatial Outlook is the project owner and manager of the Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal research and development project. The European consortium is developing a robust, secure data-driven system for analysing building and mobility energy demand in a standardised manner across distinct regions.


Spatial Outlook's role in the project will be to help align the R&D data insights with the work of plan and policy-makers and to deliver regional screening and sustainability assessments. Read more about REDAP..

Funding bodies include the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The project will engage and support the work of front-line energy planning experts in Dublin (Ireland), Gothenburg (Sweden), and Waidhofen an der Thaya (Aus) whose efforts affect the lives of over 2.5 million people combined.

Timeframe: Nov '19 to Nov '21

Why Analyse Energy Demand?

With governments are actively pursuing decarbonisation agendas and consumption patterns changing significantly, understanding energy demand is of critical importance. Data insights enable decision-makers to identify opportunities for efficiencies and synergies which may otherwise be overlooked at the centralized planning level,  incl:

Building Stock: average energy expenditure of residential, commercial, and public buildings, the type of fuel consumed, areas at risk of energy poverty.

Transportation:  average mobility energy consumption, the average fuel use per area, and the communities at risk of facing forced car ownership.

Analysis makes sense on governance, socio-economic, and environmental levels.


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