The energy challenge requires geographic insights.



Using locational (geospatial) data and systems, we develop solutions which help deliver clear and actionable data about complex real-world challenges. We serve 'need-owners' in the downstream energy sector - incl. urban and energy planners, engineers, and policy-makers.


Spatial Outlook Ltd is focused on developing robust digital solutions and strategy which solves complex real-world problems.

With experience in a range of fields like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), energy, local government, we understand the potential value of energy system digitalisation.

ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

20th Oct' 2019

Following a lengthy application process to ERA-Net SES, in March 2019, Spatial Outlook Ltd. successfully secured funding for a research project called Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal (REDAP) which will focus on the digitalisation of the European urban regional energy system.

The REDAP project which is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency aims to better support the rollout of smart energy infrastructure in the mobility and building stock sectors.


Click here to read more about the project, partners and 'need-owners'.


Niall Conway, Director of Spatial Outlook Ltd. is a GIS and IT professional, trained urban planner, and the former editor of a leading industry publication. He is focused on helping organisations to harness the value of digital mapping systems for the purpose of wider sustainable development.

Having experience in industries such as local government, energy and infrastructure, research, and media in the UK, Ireland and Australia, Niall is well positioned to bring value to a diverse range of clients. Linkedin profile.