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We deliver regional energy demand insights

"Good data is an essential component of
effective policy making on energy efficiency."
International Energy Agency

Decarbonisation starts with analysing demand...

Spatial Outlook Ltd is an Irish-based digital technology company that helps decision-makers to understand their local-level decarbonisation options.

We harness authoritative data, advanced methodologies and powerful digital technologies in order to make sense of the energy demand (market) landscape.

Our actionable data insights represent the characteristics, distributions, and patterns of energy consumption in the building stock and transport sectors across distinct regions.


REDAP: Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis

Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal (REDAP) is a secure, online, database-driven monitoring and reporting system, which has been developed by a specialised EU-funded R&D consortium.

REDAP provides data insights on the profile of consumption across the building and transport sectors, including estimated emissions, expenditure and fuel types. With these data insights, users can ‘prospect’ for local-level decarbonisation opportunities, including synergies, efficiencies and investment opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked at the centralised planning level.

REDAP helps decision-makers deliver least-cost, least-friction decarbonisation. This includes to:

  • Guide Local Government around policy and regulatory compliance requirements. 

  • Support Communities to decarbonise in a prosperous, secure, sustainable manner.

  • Enable Industry to source and supply clean energy using smart, efficient systems.

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Spatial Outlook Ltd. works with Codema (Dublin's Energy Agency) to help deliver actionable energy demand data insights to Dublin's four local government authorities.

This is to ensure that plan-and-policy-makers can meet the ongoing energy requirements of its 1.5 million citizens in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Dublin's REDAP data insights relate to the profile, distribution and patterns of consumption within the building stock and mobility sectors.

The overlap of other geographic datasets allows insights into the energy sector that are not available anywhere else, and enables an understanding of the socio-economic patterns of the local energy landscape.

Codema, 2019

Why Analyse Energy Demand?

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With governments actively pursuing complex, costly decarbonisation agendas and consumption patterns changing significantly, understanding energy demand is of critical importance.


The following are some reasons why demand analysis is important from a governance, socio-economic and environmental perspective.

Identify Local Synergies & Efficiencies:

incl. opportunities for the rollout of smart generation, supply and storage systems.

Green Finance & Regional Transparency

Promote regions as attractive and sustainable places to live, work and invest in.

De-risked Strategy & Policy

Understand and align broader stakeholder interests, market drivers, financing mechanisms.

Climate Security & Local Action

Define/update Climate Action Plans, energy master-plans and energy-community charters.

Address Grid System Pressure

Minimise the demands on electricity supply infrastructure by developing local capacity.

Product & Services

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is a complex and costly process.

To do so, stakeholders need to justify decisions using the best available data.

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We use an Oil & Gas-like digital approach to map and analyse the energy demand landscape. This involves treating data as a valuable resource to be sourced, processed and delivered to users.

Through REDAP, we provide access to refined data insights, as well as monitoring and reporting capabilities. To do so, we offer services to support the deployment of REDAP in your region. These include:

  • user engagement & onboarding

  • needs analysis & policy alignment

  • data migration & cleansing

  • user training & development

  • system deployment, customisation​ & integration


CONTACT:    Tel: +353 85 7670612 (Cork, Ireland)