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"Good data is an essential component of
effective policy making on energy efficiency."
International Energy Agency

Guiding Decarbonisation Activity with Energy Demand Insights

Spatial Outlook is a digital startup which specialises in guiding the complex transition towards sustainable, decarbonised energy regions using advanced geospatial technologies. The company delivers actionable insights to planners, policy, and decision-makers regarding energy demand in the built environment.


Why Analyse Energy Demand?

Energy systems are changing. Governments are actively pursuing decarbonisation agendas, energy consumption patterns of industry and people are shifting. As such, there is greater potential for monitoring, reporting and analysing methodologies which enable and guide local efficiencies and synergies.

This includes building energy demand insights into the average energy spend of residential, commercial, and public buildings, the type of fuel consumed, areas at risk of energy poverty, and those which could be served by smarter energy systems.


This also includes mobility energy demand insights which help to explain the average mobility energy consumption, the fuel use per area, and the communities at risk of facing forced car ownership (FCO).


REDAP - Enabling Smart Energy Systems Rollout

20th Oct' 2019

In November 2020, Spatial Outlook Ltd. successfully secured funding for a research project through the ERA-Net fund, which it will manage. Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal (REDAP) will focus on the development of a robust digital system which analyses energy demand in the building and mobility sectors.

Funding bodies include: the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The project will engage with support the work of front-line energy planning experts in Dublin (Ireland), Gothenburg (Sweden), and Waidhofen an der Thaya (Aus).

The research runs from Nov 2019 to Nov 2020 and the derived insights could affect the lives of over 2.5 million people.

Click here to read more about REDAP.


About Spatial Outlook

Niall Conway, Director of Spatial Outlook Ltd. is a Geographic (spatial mapping) Information Systems and IT professional and trained urban planner. Having experience in the local government and upstream energy and infrastructure engineering industries, Niall's focus is on helping energy organisations to harness the value of digital systems and insights. Linkedin profile.


BA Geography & Sociology, MA Sustainable Development, MsC Urban & Regional Planning, HDip Software Development. QQI Level 6 Certificates: Training Needs Identification & Design; Training Delivery & Evaluation.


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